Audio-Visual Art

Hello World! 

My name is Mitch, I’m an Artist/Musician/Writer currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I haven’t ‘released’ any new music or artwork in about a decade, but I certainly never stopped creating.

When I first heard about artists using blockchain tech I was fascinated by the idea of being able to digitally maintain a connection with your art and collectors. Many years ago I drove a van covered in spray paint on solo trips and tours with bands across the western U.S., posting up gallery spaces everywhere from ‘merch booths’ in small basement venues to sparkling bars on the casino floor of prominent Las Vegas hotels. My collaborative artist group Starfish & the Sun sold many paintings and demo CDs in several different cities and I have no record of who has what or what pieces went where. The world has been evolving, and this new concept woke something up in me. I’m super excited to be able to share my art and music with the world in a brand new way!

This project created itself out of a desire to create some art for the sake of Art. I discovered some new apps over the last year that gave me the freedom to create in new ways with my same artistic voice. The audio for these pieces was recorded live on a ‘social audio’ app called Clubhouse, mostly performed to an empty room to be fully transparent. At the time I was just playing for myself and whoever wanted to listen, but the app developed and suddenly I was able to record those performances for later use. Procreate blew my mind when I first started playing around and once I got the hang of it I created a piece very much in the style I paint physically. I then discovered the timelapse video feature. At that point I knew what I was creating.

There is a song I’ve been playing since I first picked up a guitar at age 15 - then an injury involving my fingertip and a saw blade at age 19 threw a huge curveball at me. It took time, but eventually I figured out how to use effects and various tapping techniques to overcome the giant hurdle the saw blade cut into me. It’s always been a similar vibe, but it’s never quite the same. ‘One Of A Million Different Ways...’ is the loose title I’ve given it. It’s not a song, it is a spectrum of emotions.

I’m honestly just thrilled to be able to create art and share it with the world again. I could write another three pages about why, but I’m hoping this first release speaks for itself.  

Current Perks / "Utility": 

- Genesis Holders are entitled to free high-fives if we are ever in the same room. (Limit - 5 per hour) 

- I have begun writing for the creation of a full length instrumental album - a meditative journey, like I’ve been asked many times to create. Genesis Holders will be consulted about tempos and feelings they would like me to create, along with early listening and writing session experiences. 

- My second collection is titled “Happy Little Horizons”, to be released monthly over the course of one year. (See below.) There will be a new audio-visual piece, done in the same fashion as the Genesis Collection, released each month in editions of 10 - with the addition of a ‘Genesis Holder Edition’ to be airdropped to each of the current Genesis Holders. 

- Genesis Holders will be given access and perks from any and all future projects I create - to the best of my abilities, who knows where this goes from here, but as long as I have the ability to say thank you in whatever way I can, I will. 

In an effort to establish some creative consistency in my life I have started a new collection. I’m really enjoying painting in a digital medium and I am a big fan of this new combo of audio and visuals. Knowing my brushstrokes will be replayed changes the way I use the 'brush', playing guitar live in an open Clubhouse room turns practice into a performance, and finding the parts of those two creative experiences that blend together is an exhilarating challenge. It has been great for my mental health, I can only hope it does something similar for you. 

Each month I will create another audio-visual piece to be released in editions of 10 - with a special edition version for each Genesis Holder. This process will continue for a full year as I write and record a full-length instrumental album. Once the album has been completed I will determine the best way to put it out - the web3 space is evolving so fast it’s nearly impossible to predict where we will be at that point, but I will say with certainty that every holder of the Happy Little Horizons collection will receive a copy of the album in some shape or form. One I'm hoping to make them quite happy with. 

Along the way holders will be invited to early listening and writing sessions as well as live VR performances - and of course, the live Clubhouse sessions where the audio tracks for the pieces will be created.  My creative journey may bounce all over the place as I explore collaboration projects and other releases, but this collection will remain consistent. You are cordially invited on the journey! 

Hard to believe a full year has already passed, but I am very excited for the next stage of this project! Demos and studio work to create the full-length instrumental album that tells the story of Rudius and his journey toward the many meanings of 'freedom'. I'm quite proud of this collection of meditative audio-visual art pieces and the very involved process I took on to create them, they will live on with the memories of the adventures and experiences that inspired them and nothing can ever take that away. 

Art. Music. Poetry. Life.